Caseificio Aversano

Mozzarella di latte di Bufala Caseificio Aversano

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella

The term “mozzarella” derives from the term “ mozzare”, it's an operation that is still practiced today in all dairy/cheese farm ,  it consists in handling  a piece of stringy curd with the hands  in a characteristic way and tearing  off with the indexes and the thumbs a piece of mozzarella giving it the most typical form:round.
The “Taverna” was founded in Aversa after the unification of Italy: it was a real wholesale market for the mozzarella and of the  dairy products derived from the same milk , including  the ricotta; this market established on a daily basis the prices in relation to the production and to the demand of the product itself. In recent years , the  breeding of buffaloes has undergone structural transformations that led to a greater rationalisation of the techniques. It has gone from a free range to a confined type that, while limiting the space available to the buffaloes, is still able to meet the needs in the different production phases. The buffalo mozzarella is one of those fresh “pasta filata or spun paste” cheese produced exclusively with buffalo milk coming from the area of origin and made using a technological process responsive to the product specification.

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  • Buffalo Milk from Campania
  • Rennet
  • Salt

Packaging Type

  • Weight Piece: 50g, 100g, 150g, 250g, 500g
  • Single packs: 200g, 250g, 300g, 500g
    Envelope wrapped with Liquid Control and Warranty Seal.

Product Presentation

  • Crust: Absent
  • Pasta: Compact, milky texture
  • Flavor: Characteristic
  • Odor: Typical aromatic
  • Color: Porcelain white
  • Consistency: Compact, elastic

Requisiti Fisico-Chimici

Valori medi ± Tolleranza

  • Umidità                               %    60.0 ± 2.0
  • Residuo Secco                  %    40.0 ± 2.0
  • Grasso stq                         %    23.0 ± 2.0
  • Grasso ss                           %    57.5 ± 2.0
  • Proteine: (N x 6,38)n        %    15.0 ± 2.0
  • Sale: (Na CI)                       %      0.8 ± 0.3

 Requisiti Nutrizionali

Valori medi calcolati su cento grammi di prodotto edibile.

  • Valore Energetico: 278 kcal / 1146 kj
  • Proteine: 17,0
  • Carboidrati: 0,80 g di cui zuccheri 0,80 g
  • Grassi: 23,0 g di cui Acidi Grassi Saturi 16,00 g
  • Sale: 0,8 g

 Requisiti Microbiologici

                                                                        U.M.           Valori obiettivo           Valori di rifiuto

  • E.Coli                                               ufc/g                   < 10                             >100
  • Staphilococcus aureus                 ufc/g                  < 10                             >100
  • salmonella spp                              ufc/25g              assente                       presente
  • Listeria monocytogenes              ufc/25g              assente                      presente
    ~ in 5 unità campionarie                
  • Inhibitory substances:                                                  Absent                        
  • Pesticide residues:                                                       Less than the directive
                                                                                              CEE 86/363 recepita con OM del 18/07/90
                                                                                              CEE 93/57 recepita con OM del 03/05/94
  • Residues of veterinary medicinal products:             Below the limits of the regulation CEE 2377/90 and subsequent updates
  • Heavy metals:                                                                Below the limits of the regulation CEE 1881/06 and subsequent updates
    Pb (mg/Kg)
    Aflatossina M1 (ng/Kg)               

Dir. CE 89/2003, 142/2006, 68/2007           Milk and derivatives

  • Minimum durability:    15 days from date of production
  • Storage temperature:          Between 0 and + 4 ° C