Processing of the Aversano dairy

Caseificio Aversano All cheese of the Aversano cheese factory are born from the experience of a close-knit working group that preserves the traditional methods while constantly perfecting them with modern cheese making techniques. The business goal is to achieve and maintain the ability to meet the most demanding Consumer. The Aversano cheese farm, with the support of the family’s experience, has given birth to three family-run outlets, where the customers can find not only our high quality products but also other products that still meet our quality standards both for artisan production techniques and for the authenticity of raw materials.



"Nobilat" project

Caseificio Aversano In 2011 the Aversano cheese farm together with a group of breeders from Castelpagano - Alto  Sannio -  participated in the Nobilat project that aims to guarantee the consumer with a milk and a cheese that have a better taste and the highest nutritional value  as possible. The strategy provides for the development of quality indexes to better define the value of a milk: the ratio omega 6 / omega3, the degree of antioxidant protection and the aromatic complexity.Hence the attempt to define the quality parameters, to measure its values and to offer a new model of reading and appreciation of the milk: The Noble Milk.