About us

About us

Our history

Caseificio AversanoThe history of the Aversano dairy farm starts in a charming town at the foot of Vesuvius: Palma Campania. It is here  where the Sorrentino family, simple  tradesmen of dairy products, have transformed their business over the years,  dedicating themselves to the “art of cheese making “with competence and passion. Thanks to the sacrifices and the continuos demand of their products, in 1991 the brand “Aversano dairy(farm)“ is founded, this is a terminology that is used to identify a typical product of Campania “mozzarella Aversana”, something that mum Michela used to produced carefully  along with other natural   products like the ricotta, the bocconcini, the burrata, the treccia and many other products made from the milk of their cows.

When the two sons Camillo and Aniello Sorrentino (the second generation) became part of the family  business, the Aversano dairy (farm) renewed itself integrating modern technology solutions but still retaining its “the vocation for the genuine” while striking the right balance between tradition and innovation.
Today in over 25 years we produce a wide range of high quality cheeses with the exclusive use of natural ingredients, milk from selected stables, artisanal methods of productions and cures, no use at all of preservatives or additives.
The continuos evolution and research led to the creation of new lines of fresh short aged cheeses, such as: the spreadable cheese, the fiordilatte nobile, the stracciatella, the burrata, the caciocavallo di grotta (seasoned in tufa caves), the noble, the fiaschetti cheese and much more.


The certifications

Our dairy has obtained ISO 22000 certification for product safety and ISO 14001 for production systems.

This makes us proud and certifies even more the goodness of our products and the safety for our customers.



Our excellence